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Lydia Collinge - Singer, Singer Guitarist, Song Writer (Pop,Rock Guitarist )
I won't forget you

Hello, my name is Lydia Collinge and I am an Independent International Model & Actress and Singer - Songwriter. I am also a cosplay Game Character for Morgan Wilder. I have been in the Modeling Industry now for 12 years plus. I first started a Modeling School course then completed my Deportment and Grooming Certificate. I have worked a lot of Catwalks doing promotional work with Aurora Models Management and Miss Teaq Promotions Agency.

I have enjoyed some great opportunities for example with the V8 Supercars promoting for Holden Vodaphone along side renowned racing car driver Craig Lownes. To assist my career in the modelling industry I also worked as a Bikini Cocktail Waitress. I engaged in taken part in various photoshoots  and began traveling which led me to meet some amazing photographers. I am looking to further travel adventures in the near future, hopefully bringing me bigger opportunities so I can continue to be published worldwide alongside my already published Covergirl opportunities. 


                                              Born in New  Zealand now living in Brisbane, Australia.

                                              My spare time is enjoyed with my pets, cooking, songwriting or out shopping

                                             with friends & family. I chill out with girlfriends at the beach and if time permitting

                                              I go to the movies. Another important part of my life keeping up with a good

                                              healthy diet along with meditation and yoga. Keeping fit is always the key to a

                                              healthy lifestyle.

My Future dreams are to become a  famous hollywood actress starring in my favourite roles. I am working towards an opportunity to start working on commercial ads and have commenced promoting my own brands in 2020, as an ambassador for hair or make up brands. Along side working as an ambassador I work on my own music videos and with music artists. For Bookings contact 07 38217219 or email

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