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Hello Everyone,


So good to be on board and to have done the first show! 

A bit about the show and myself: 

Hi, I'm Roger Smith and I'm presenting a show called "The Great Unknowns". I aim to present musicians, who, for whatever reason , have been unheard, overlooked, ignored, underrated or simply forgotten. The inspiration for this theme was the American Blues Guitarist Roy Buchanan. He was a great guitarist, but unfortunately not that well known by the public. And so, he was often​ referred to as the "World's Greatest Unknown Guitarist."


I'd like to highlight a lot of Australian artists, some of whom were quite famous in the 70's and 80's and earlier, but are not that well known now. There is a wealth of musical gems hidden away and I hope to bring them to light. I will be presenting musicians from around the world also.


Decades ago, I did the "Graveyard" shift on a Melbourne Community Radio and played whatever vinyl's I felt like playing at the time. It's a pleasure to return to radio after all this time, using such a different medium to get the music out, and to have a much more focused approach to the show. I've always had a deep passion for music and always wanted to know everything about the musician or musicians. I was always a bit of a completist, so I was never content with buying one or two albums by a musician. I had to have them all!  Consequently, I have a large library of Music Books and CDS


I hope you will enjoy my show, and if you have any suggestions for future shows, please let me know.

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Joined January

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