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Hi this is Eric Camilleri,

I've always loved music from a very early age, my mum said I never used to fall asleep unless there was noise around me. 

i recall my first musical instrument was a Ukelele as a Christmas present at the age of 4. I managed to loosen the wrapping  enough to slip my hand into the box and pluck the strings well before Christmas Eve. 

I eventually started studying Classical Piano at around the age of 7, and reached 8th Grade AMEB standard before there wasn't enough time to dedicate to the formal training and practice. I continued playing piano though, and developed quite a natural ear for music. I enjoy performing and the joy of learning songs that I love.

I appreciate the craft in a well written tune. I tend to focus on the sound and melody rather than lyrics.

Seeing the potential of computers and music in my teens, I began experimenting with technology and music and have done so for quite a few decades.

I enjoy experimenting with and manipulating sound using some of advanced tools and software available. I think that this has encouraged me to bend sound to dreamlike shapes and to appreciate the combination of spoken word and sound effects giving a dream like feel. 

With the Dream Train project, I aim to use recorded material as well as manipulated material and original creations to take the listener on a sonic journey just as a dream would present an alternative reality, as bizarre as it my be, accepted and not questioned whilst in its realm. 

I hope you enjoy the Dream Train as much as I enjoy creating it. 


Sincerely Yours        

Eric Camilleri

Black and Red Right Arrow

Joined April


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