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Hey guys! 

I'm Axel Starviking, a Therapist based in Buff Point, and I had the absolute joy of running an Arts & Entertainment Company in South Africa and here on the Central Coast of NSW, since 1999 until the pandemic saw me signing up to study and open my clinic. Having the golden opportunity now to combine my long history as a stage and studio performer and touring show host, with my absolute love of world music (I play the Djembe drum!) and radio, I have seen first hand how awesome and positive this affirming type of life coaching can be!  

The Mid-Week Pump is a show filled to the brim with amazing world music, from reggae, to bossa nova, samba, folk, celtic, scandinavian and more, in every language you can think of! The songs lift my mood, and they help me to flow right through that Mid-Week SLUMP and turn the slump into pump! 

Each week I talk about a new topic, in a podcast style between each song, we dive deep into life changing ideas and suggestions, it's a time to get into flow with whatever work you're doing, and take a minute here and there to contemplate positive lasting change in your life. 

You can be, and do, whatever it takes, to make your life and the lives of those around you better, happier and more purposeful. See you on Wednesday!






Axel Starviking 

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