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I have played around at being a DJ for years, after being interested in music from a very early age. As we all know, music can evoke so many emotions and memories. I am happiest playing upbeat 70s, 80s and 90s music, especially Nu Disco. I feel these remixes of disco originals (with extra bass and faster beat) are an improved version of the tracks I loved listening to growing up and they bring back fond memories of good times in my youth! 

In 2013 my life changed in a way I could not imagine; I became a below-knee amputee! Music became extremely important to me during my recovery, helping me cope with some extremely challenging times. I was unable to work in my previous job, so I focused on music and became serious about DJing.


I adopted the name ‘DJ Amped’ and describe myself an ‘amped up, amplified amputee’! I simply play what makes me happy, in the hope that anyone listening feels the same and everyone's spirits are lifted. I don't use sync or edit my mixes; I feel it makes it more real plus I like to listen to any mistakes and learn from them. I'm also always happy to learn from others, so feel free to leave me any tips or comments. Tune every Sunday 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

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Joined February

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Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with @djampedaustralia putting together a B2B set for his radio @thecoastcentralcoastradio. Check it out this Sunday from 5-7 pm on 🕺He's got some mad skills on the decks so should be good! So privileged to be able to play and learn some new skills from him

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