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earn money and support Aussie 

To be eligible as a Rising Star Supporter you must be 18 yrs or over OR be authorized by a parent and will need to be able to fulfil this Job description.



There are thousands of Australian musicians, bands, artist who all wish to get there music heard on radio.Central Coast Radio offers Australian Musicians a chance to get their music played during their own Rising Star Radio Show. The show plays every day for one hour Mon to Fri at 6.00pm and on Sat at 9.00am. No other Radio Station provides this exclusive opportunity.

1. Central Coast Radio provides you with websites where you can find Aussie Musicians. 

2. You go to the websites and find their email address or facebook page.

3. Central Coast Radio gives you an ad you can send them via email on face book or instagram that has a link to the registration form they have to fill out.

4. They fill out the registration form and purchase and we pay you.

It is that simple any questions please call Angelika on 0410 096 780. 

Rising Stars
Support Application

  • 1 year recurring Rising Star Subscription(includes Mastering) Your music is played every day every week all year round We pay you $40

  • Video Production for your music we promote you on face book, you tube, you get HD copy for use in your marketing

         We pay you $45

  • Your Bio and Music on our website (42,000+ visitors)

         We pay you $25

  • Promote your video (provided by artist/s- production not included) across Social Media Face Book, Instagram, Spotify, Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud, Tik Tok, You Tube

        We pay you $35

  • Gold Package - All of the above  We pay you $145

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