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Jason Walmsley is the National Sales Manager of BBX Australia.

With over 30 years' experience working with the micro/ small businesses along with almost 20 years with BBX, Jason is passionate about assisting Micro and Small Businesses in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. Jason has been instrumental in launching Bconnect and the Network Educate Invite Business Support Program across Australia and New Zealand.

The NEI Business Support Program  along with the Bconnected Business Show have been specifically created to help  businesses increase their level of performance along with their profiles.   

Although in this day and age running and surviving business in this current strained environment can be of a serious nature, Jay realizes only too well the importance of bringing inspiration and encouragement to the businesses. He does this with his favorite choice of varied genres of music from his personal library throughout his show. 

I look forward to entertaining you 

Jay Walmsley

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