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Fiona Price
Fiona Price - singer, song writer, Guitarist 
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Castle in the Air Fiona Price
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My songwriting dream began when I was five, and announced to my startled parents that I was going to be a writer. At the time, my dream was to write novels, but even then I was deeply drawn to music. When my mum played the piano, I would sit beside her listening so raptly she decided I should take piano lessons myself.

Two years later I wrote my first song: a reworking of Baa Baa Black Sheep titled Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep, complete with full colour illustrations!


When I was twelve, I began listening obsessively to the Top 40 every Saturday night, and spent hours transcribing lyrics, putting together playlists of my favourite pop songs and trying to write my own.

Most ended up in a drawer, because the only musicians I knew played only classic music! It wasn’t until adulthood when I finally began having my songs produced, often by young guys working in their bedroom on a laptop while I sang in their mother’s wardrobe in the next room.

As a lone songwriter with no band, I couldn’t perform my songs, so I started entering them in songwriting contests instead. After a few honourable mentions and an embarrassingly amateurish first album, I came second in a lyrics writing contest in 2010 and won four hours of professional studio time.

Since then, I’ve had numerous songs do well in contests, including a fifth place in the 2015 Song Comp, six semi-finalists and one finalist in the 2022 UK Songwriting Contest and a place in the 2022 International Songwriting Awards Hall of Fame. I also wrote a version of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ called ‘Flyway’ for the Newport Community Choir’s 2019 Migratory Bird Day, which they have been performing regularly ever since.

I write songs across a wide range of genres—pop, folk, rock, dance, musical theatre—and my influences include Suzanne Vega, Sia, Jewel, Stephen Sondheim and Billy Joel. I’m also learning to play the guitar and sang at my first open mic earlier this year! While I’d love to win a major songwriting contest, my ultimate dream is to write or be a co-writer for a hit song that people know and love all over the world.

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Book Fiona Price   Tel: 0425 726 778  EMAIL

contact Fiona Price Song translator; convertor of pop songs to Shakespearean sonnets

CYNICALFiona Price
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Im a dreamerFiona Price
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love and warFiona Price
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